Rehab Ready Healthcare offers Pre Pointe Dance Physiotherapy Assessments

Kate Rowell, senior musculoskeletal physiotherapist specialising in Pre pointe assessment and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic dance related injuries.

As young dancers approach pointe work around 11-12yrs, it is important to assess their flexibility, alignment, strength, and biomechanics of movement. This will help determine whether they are physically ready for pointe, and if not, identify areas to be strengthened or mobilised

Other common conditions managed by our team include:

  • Snapping Hip syndrome
  • Patello-femoral pain syndrome
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Posterior ankle impingement
  • Hip: tendinopathy, labral tears
  • Ankle sprains
  • Hyperextension injuries

Our initial assessments take 30-45 minutes, and are performed at your home (or if appropriate, at your dance school)

Advantages of home (or studio) based assessment/treatment:

  • No travel time or parking issues
  • Reduced burden on family/carers to attend appointments
  • After school appointments available
  • We show you how to achieve your best results using resources available at home, in conjunction with our mobile equipment.

We offer a 25% discount for groups of 2-5 children.

*The physio services are claimable as a private health insurance rebate, dependent upon you level of extras cover.

Kate graduated for the University of Melbourne in 1994, and has since worked as a physio in a variety of public and private hospitals, as well as sporting clubs.  She currently specialises in management of orthopaedic conditions, ranging from paediatric sporting injuries, to rehabilitation post joint replacement. She has an added interest in assessment and management of dance injuries, and Women’s Health.

Outside of her PT work, Kate is mum to two girls. She  is a passionate photographer and cook, and a long suffering, but dedicated  St Kilda FC supporter.

For enquiries or appointments, please contact Rehab Ready Healthcare on 1300 505 934 or email