Rehab Services

Below is a list of some of our services

Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy following your orthopaedic surgery. We provide the rehab in the rehab to help you recover from your surgery. We are experienced in rehab following your surgery.

Musculoskeletal Rehab

Physiotherapy assessment, treatment and planning following your sporting injury to get you back on the field.

Surgery Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy rehabilitation following a illness/medical condition.

Falls Prevention

Falls prevention, education and retraining of balance and strength to prevent future falls and increase mobility.

Neurological Conditions

Physiotherapy rehabilitation following a neurological illness or condition like Parkinsons Disease, Stroke, Brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, etc

Cardio-Respiratory Rehab

Physiotherapy following cardio-thoracic surgery or for a cardio-respiratory illness.

Aged Care

Physiotherapy for the elderly in their aged care facility or at home.
womens health physio

Womens Health

Physiotherapy pre natal, ante natal or post natal for conditions related to your pregnancy.