Has your surgeon told you need or have you already had a:

  • Knee Replacement
  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Reconstruction
  • Shoulder Replacement
  • Shoulder Reconstruction
  • Lumbar or Cervical Surgery
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery (Fusions, Achilles Repair, Reconstructions)
  • Arthroscope (Hip, Knee, etc)
  • or other surgery….

Rehab Ready Healthcare is specialised in pre and post Home Visit Orthopaedic Surgery Rehab

Are you need help with your rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery? Rehab after knee replacement surgery?

We have a tremendous understanding of what’s involved in various orthopaedics surgeries and are highly experienced to guide you through your rehab to be able to return to your best possible function.

We are the preferred home visit physiotherapy service for a lot of leading orthopaedic surgeons across Melbourne and we strive to provide beneficial rehabilitation for all our patients.

What is PREHAB?

Most people have heard of Rehabilitation, the undertaking of treatment and exercise regime following an injury. Some studies are now showing the effectiveness of undertaking Physiotherapy treatment and an exercise program designed to help reduce symptoms and strengthen a particular body area BEFORE undergoing surgery to repair the injury. This is called Prehabilitation.

Is there good benefit in PREHAB prior to surgery?

Studies have shown that those patients who underwent prehab, had a faster return to sport, better muscle function and greater ability to tolerate uneven surfaces (proprioception). Another example of this is patients requiring rehabilitation after Knee Replacement surgery. With adequate prehab, they commence their post-operative recovery with better muscle function and often less instability. This can help them back on their feet faster with a speedier road to recovery.

How will PREHAB help me?

Prehabilitation is an exercise program undertaken prior to surgery designed to:

      • Improve general fitness and weight control
      • Increase strength and range of motion of both upper and lower limbs
      • Increase balance, endurance and joint awareness
      • Increase both core abdominal and upper body strength for greater control of gait aids

Is there good benefit in home physio rehab post surgery?

Now you are needing your rehabilitation after hip surgery or rehab after knee replacement surgery. This is where Rehab Ready Healthcare can help – we are the specialists in post orthopaedic rehabilitation!

This service can be fully funded by your health insurance, extras cover or other funding options.

Physiotherapy in the home has shown to have significant benefit in the success of your surgery and reduction in post operative complications like infection, stiffness, weakness and postoperative pain.

How can Rehab Ready Health with my PREHAB?

Ok, so the surgeon has recommended you need orthopaedic surgery. Rehab Ready Healthcare can help to assess you and your injury before your surgery in your home environment and prescribe appropriate exercises so that you can get as mentally and physically strong for your upcoming surgery. We can also supply all the required equipment for your surgery including:

  • Crutches, frame, scooters
  • Over toilet seats
  • High kingston chairs
  • Long levered tools (shoe horns, picker upperers, etc)

You have now had your surgery and now it’s time to go home, how can Rehab Ready help?

It has been proven that patients who perform exercises in their home environment following orthopaedic surgery have a better outcome following their surgery. At Rehab Ready Healthcare, we see the value in patients being treated and being able to perform the exercise regime in the comfort of their own home. We assess you in your own environment, progress your exercise regime, progress your gait aid and plan out your rehab so that you can get back to whatever you most enjoy!